A kitchen is arguably one of the most used and essential rooms in a house, so naturally you want that space not be comfortable and stylish. Here are 3 simple but extremely important things you need to know when redesigning your kitchen.

-The working triangle

Any remodeling company is familiar or should be familiar with the working triangle. What is the working triangle? It’s very simple. Your main working areas: the sink, stove, and refrigerator placement should create a triangle. You might be thinking, “Okay, well if I place my refrigerator all the way across the kitchen it still makes a triangle.” Technically, that may be true. But the point of the triangle is allow for easier access and optimized flow in the kitchen. To get that optimization, the triangle legs should be no less than 4 ft and no more than 9 ft long. The sum of all three legs should not exceed 26 ft.

– Workable walkways

A comfortable walkway between surfaces is 36 in. No professional is going to suggest less than that. If you want the kitchen to be comfortable for two people to work in at the same time then you can make the walkway up to 48 in.

– It’s Electric (boogie woogie, woogie)

One thing we see with clients all the time is wanting to rearrange the entire configuration of the kitchen but not realizing that usually means an entirely new configuration of lighting, electrical and a possible panel upgrade. This can mean adding a lot of 0’s to the bottom line. You can save on costs if you plan on staying with the same footprint and layout that you currently have and give it a “face-lift”. If you are planning on doing a total revamp of the kitchen then there isn’t any way around new electrical and lighting. A panel upgrade or extension may be required if you are in an older home or if there is no additional space on the panel you currently have.