Hiring a contractor that is right your project.

First lets start with the most important thing to know….All contractors are NOT the same!

When you are embarking on a remodeling process you need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Contracting companies will come in all different shapes and sizes, so here are a few things to consider during your hiring process.

The size of the company may effect pricing.

A larger company is going to have more overhead then a one man show. That may mean a larger price tag. Alternately, the more people you have working on your project the faster it is going to go so if time is of the essence then you’d probably want to go with a larger company. You need to weigh the cost vs. the benefits of having a smaller or larger company working on your project and decide which options works best for you.

What do they include in their pricing?

You will receive all sorts of estimates when interviewing potential companies, but are some estimates much higher than others? Is that company trying to rip you off? The answer is no. Different companies are going to offer different levels of involvement. Some contractors just want to be told what to do and to swing a hammer. That’s fine, and usually their price will be lower too, but so will their involvement and responsibility. Other contractors will pull permits, schedule subcontractors, cover inspections, place orders, and even help you with shopping. You need to determine the level of involvement you want from your contractor and what their value is to you.


You have a grand vision for your new space, but where do you go to bring that vision to life? Some contractors do not provided design services so they will be relying on you to hand them a set of plans. This means that you will have to find another company or architect to design the space for you. Sometimes, that can lead to confusion or you being a middle man between the two companies. Other companies such as Design & Build companies will not only design the space for you they will handle the entire remodeling process from design to completion.

Hope this helps when interviewing different companies for your project! Happy remodeling!